The building was to provide accommodation for a family of three, along with studio workspaces, on a typical urban plot measuring 60x40 feet.

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Bangalore's situation in an equatorial location, at an altitude of 1000m, along with its gently undulating landscape dotted with small lakes, gives it a unique local climate; distinct from neighboring areas. While experience of separate seasons is relatively indistinct, short-term variations in weather are marked and dramatic. It is not uncommon to experience an oppressively hot morning followed by a cloudy overcast afternoon and evening showers after which a wintry night sets in. An attempt was made, in the design of the blocks', to create a sensitive device that would record the changing conditions of the natural environment.

2dc817: House-Studio, Bangalore
2dc817: House-Studio, Bangalore: Top: Isometric, Middle-Right: Sections; Middle-Left: Elevation; Bottom (from left to right): Lower Basement plan, Upper Basement Floor plan, 'Living Level' plan and 'Upper Level' plan © Flying Elephant Studio