A power-point vision of Delhi in the Next Millenium was presented on 15.10.99 at Vigyan Bhawan to "an august gathering including Hon'ble Urban Development Minister, Govt. of India, Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Urban Development Minister, GNCTD, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, GOI, Secretary, GNCTD, Vice-Chairman, DDA, and other eminent personalities and professionals". The seminar "to interact with these experts for their valuable views on the subject matter" led to the following "recommendations".

previously available at http://www.ddadelhi.com/MPD2021_2.html#Reco

Recommendations: MPD-2021

  1. Implementation of NCR Plan needs to be more effective. Special implementation measures are required to be adopted by the participating states. A high level committee of MPs of the parliamentary constituencies of NCR may be more meaningful and effective in implementation.
  2. The Regional Plan - 2021 should be formulated without any delay so that MPD-2021 becomes its integral part. The Regional Linkages including MRTS need to be accorded high priority for successful implementation of the NCR Plan.
  3. The creation of Metropolitan Planning & Development Authority including adjoining towns may be a practical solution for ensured planning, development and implementation. This function may be assigned to DDA.
  4. The problems of Delhi are not confined to the administrative boundaries of NCTD. As such the solution to the problems also lie beyond the borders of Delhi. In order to achieve integrated and balanced development of Delhi in regional context, there should be an integrated approach towards NCR Plan and Delhi Master Plan.
  5. The objectives of decentralisation, depopulation and de-pollution of Delhi cannot be achieved effectively unless there are effective institutional structure and systems for integrated planning and development. As such there should be a unified plan of NCR, MPD-2021 & Sub - Regional Plans with flexible and uniform landuse zoning, development controls, norms and planning parameters.
  6. To achieve the objective, the NCRPB and DDA may work together on the pattern of MMRDA, which would involve amendment in DD Act & NCRPB Act. As an interim measure, the Planning Deptt. Of DDA & NCRPB should start working in cohesion, which may be coordinated by a Planning Member in DDA.
  7. The un-utilized and under-utilized areas within the city like lands under Pusa Agriculture Institute, Safdarjang / Airport Authority, Cantonment / defence areas and lands with other Govt. agencies, thinly built up areas like R.K.Puranm, Sarojini Nagar, Sewa Nagar etc. need to be redeveloped and densified.
  8. The Redevelopment / Revitalization of inner city areas, urban villages and central congested areas should be taken up in a time bound manner.
  9. Setting up of an Urban Renewal & Redevelopment Authority for Walled City & its Extension, Unauthorised Colonies, Villages, etc.
  10. River Yamuna should provide an opportunity for riverside development with eco-friendly environment with the help of specially drawn up plans.
  11. Expeditious development in the Yamuna river bed to check the unauthorised growth and to improve the environment by extensive tree plantation and developing Bathing ghats, Picnic spots, etc.
  12. Massive Tree Plantation along the major Transport corridors to check unauthorised growth and to reduce the air pollution.
  13. Massive Tree Plantation and survival of the trees be regularly monitored to improve the built environment/green areas in the city.
  14. The Development should be high density, high rise with more open space/parks at the ground level.
  15. Shelter is one of the basic needs for human being hence the city must provide a shelter to all its habitants that too at a affordable price.
  16. Provision of multi-storeyed low cost housing facilities for JJ clusters and Industrial Workers near to their work place/industrial estates.
  17. Increase compensation to the Land Owners to reduce their tendency to sell illegally resulting in Unauthorised Colonies & check encroachments /unauthorised growth.
  18. Construction of high-rise buildings to be encouraged.
  19. The land belonging to various Govt. agencies need to be protected and there should be a proper system for its appropriate accountability. The Govt. land may also be used as a resource for development.
  20. There is a need for a well worked out approach for flexible landuse, zoning regulations, development controls etc. considering the present socio-economic environment.
  21. Land policy is a crucial ingredient of planned development. Keeping in view the past experience, the land policy should be reviewed to facilitate timely implementation of plan proposals.
  22. Regular supervision of land to prevent encroachments.
  23. Land Owners be allowed to develop their land as per the Master plan in partnership with Private Developers to curb down the growth of Unauthorised Colonies.
  24. Major transport corridors including MRTS need to be redensified for optimum utilisation of the network.
  25. Provision of Truck Terminals on the outskirts of the City to reduce traffic load on the City roads.
  26. Segregation of slow moving traffic from fast moving by providing separate corridors for Pedestrian & Cycles to reduce congestion on the roads.
  27. Delhi city has enormous potential to become a tourist city due to its rich heritage which need to be projected in a big way for this activity too.
  28. There should be adoption of innovative technologies like water harvesting, setting up of compost plants, power generation plants etc. to meet the pressures of ever increasing demand of physical infrastructure of the city.
  29. Concentration of Industries at one place may be more problematic hence develop small scale Industrial Estates in different parts of the city.
  30. Smaller size sewerage & water treatment Plants and garbage disposal sites should be uniformly distributed all over the city.
  31. Provision of adequate living and recreational spaces for the Senior citizens as in near future the population of Senior citizen is likely to increase manifolds.
  32. Provision of more play-grounds and recreational places for the younger generation.
  33. MPD-2021 shall be a Policy Plan duly supported by 5-10 year Action Plans. The action plans need to coincide with Govt. 5 year plans.
  34. Implementation of plan was noted to be more crucial for planned development. In this context mobilizing financial resources through cross-subsidy, public and private partnership and flexible development controls energizing private entrepreneurship should be explored.
  35. To meet the objectives of decentralisation, the jurisdiction of DDA should be extended to DMA towns, where it may collaborate with the State Govt. / local bodies for taking up identified decentralization projects.
  36. For meeting the challenge of Planning for Delhi - Region : 2021, the Planning functions of DDA may be adequately strengthened, for which it is recommended that a dedicated & properly equipped deptt. may be constituted.
  37. The Vision of MPD-2021 may be put on Internet so that people all over the world may give their opinion / suggestions and share their experience for the preparation of MPD - 2021.