While the mess that Delhi Government has made of the matter of “non-conforming” industries in Delhi (since its IA of 1999 in the Supreme Court to moot “alternative” of “regularising” the problem rather than ensuring its solution according to the statutory Master Plan) was being sorted out at the highest levels with apprehension about large scale unrest on account of industries now facing closure with solitary option of shifting to Delhi Government’s excessive concentration industrial “park” on the city outskirts – itself not conforming to the Master Plan – one India-Tech Foundation honoured Delhi Government with an award for proper relocation of industries

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requesting details of the award, with text of news report mentioning it ("...Delhi also got an award for proper relocation of industries… The award has been conferred by a Mumbai-based organisation, India Tech Foundation. Delhi power and industry ministers Haroon Yusuf and Mangat Ram Singhal will receive the award on Wednesday ... (no response received), 27/10/2004
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including link to news report about contrary opinion in government’s own compliance report to the court, 27/10/2004
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(links from India-Tech Foundation website under exhibitions, also described in newsletter): | Telecomm-India-2004 | Power-India-2004 | Constru-India-2004 (with national advisory council chaired by HUDCO CMD and including, as only Delhi agency, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, conference programme mentioning opening session key-note address by Secretary MoUD, etc
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"Madan Lal Khurana today criticised the "status report'' filed by the Delhi Government in the Supreme Court on November 1 where no mention has been made of the proposed changes in the Master Plan and termed it as "betrayal'' of the people at the behest of some influential bureaucrats… said an atmosphere of suspicion and insecurity was sought to be created by the status report filed by the Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC) Managing Director, Jalaj Srivastava, on behalf of the Chief Secretary, S. Regunathan… Delhi Government had undertaken a pledge that it would continue with the closure of industries … points an accusing finger at the various organisations and political leaders belonging to various groups for creating problems in the whole process… reiterates that despite these constraints, the closure was going on at a good pace… Mr. Khurana informed that the Secretary (Urban Development), Anil Baijal, had a talk with the Chief Secretary to enquire about the status report of the Delhi Government and his worst fears were confirmed when the Chief Secretary informed that such a report had been filed before the Supreme Court..."