Delhi's Master Plan has adequate provisions for industrial space, which have largely not been implemented. Current initiatives in respect of industries that are, as a consequence, largely in places not meant for them disregard Plan provisions to advocate inferior options. Available industrial space is also being denied to industries through policies to permit its misuse. Downsizing of Plan provisions for industries in the ongoing Plan revision, with grave socio-economic and environmental implications, is undoubtedly imminent.

Delhi's revised Master Plan approved in 1990 anticipated about 100,000 industrial units by 2001. Accordingly, it provided for well over 2000 hectares of planned industrial space spread all over, in new industrial as well as commercial development and also through redevelopment/regularisation and by shifting non-permissible units. Practically none of this space has been developed (more in Industrial Development in Delhi1). The number of units in Delhi is consistent with what was anticipated and provided for by the Plan. Naturally, most of them are in places not meant for industries, in ways very problematic for themselves and for the city. Now, instead of Plan implementation on priority, 'solutions' are being sought and offered through sub-standard relocation or Plan modifications for regularisation (more in 'Regularising' industries in Delhi2). This is even as there is obviously no way in which the 'problem' of 100,000 industrial units can be solved through a 'land-less solution'. 

In 2001, when the Supreme Court extended the relocation deadline to 31 December 2002, the Master Plan revision had stared, requiring by law data on status of planned industrial space and so providing an opportunity to approach the problem holistically and sensibly. Unfortunately, recent announcements suggest that the on going Master Plan revision is unlikely to restore planned industrial space to units as government seems more inclined to legitimise its misuse. In May 2002, DDA came out with a scheme for regularising commercial use of industrial plots (more in Industrial Land in Delhi 2002-08-31+3). In February 2003 MoUD announced that a Plan modification has been notified to permit in five special industrial areas all types of industries(more in Industrial Land in Delhi 2003-02-11+4). The draft Plan for the National Capital Region, submitted in January 2003 to MoUD, also speaks of shifting all but hi-tech industries out of Delhi, despite total implementation failure on regional dispersal in the NCR in all these years.
What is alarming is that while on Plan entitlements of industries there is only sound and fury about both development and redevelopment/regularisation, on existing industrial land DDA and MoUD are actively permitting and policifying misuse. This is the exact opposite of what the statutory mandate of development according to Plan calls for and is happening despite legal processes associated with the Plan having become sub-review and the industries' matter being sub-judice. Downsizing of Plan provisions without any accountability on implementation failure seems imminent, especially since Plan revision seems not to be progressing according to due process.


  • 2003.02.19: CM lays foundation stone for industrial workers' housing: Narela - Betrayed by All5
  • 2003.02.08: Questions about Committee, contempt of court: Letter to MoUD/DDA6
  • 2003.02.06: Delhi BJP Chief says Committee will revise affidavit
  • 2003.02.04: Jagmohan says the move is killing 'his' blueprint for Delhi
  • 2003.02.04: Minister announces Committee to study regularisation
  • 2003.02.04: Objection raising 12 questions: Letter to MoUD/DDA7
  • 2003.02.04: Minister announces allowing all industries in special industry areas


  • 2003.01.29: Objection presuming Public Notice: Letter to MoUD/DDA8
  • 2003.01.29: BJP Delhi chief says regularisation notification next week
  • 2003.01.25: Two surveys, no inference9
  • 2003.01.24: Survey ordered after Samaipur Badli finds 65 unlicensed units in NW
  • 2003.01.24: DDA finds about 400 cases of commercial use of industrial plots
  • 2003.01.17: Newspaper article by MD, DSIDC: Comment10
  • 2003.01.16: NCR Planning Board draft plan proposes only hi-tech units in Delhi
  • 2003.01.04: Delhi government says no relocation till court hearing
  • 2003.01.03: Delhi government plans regularisation in villages, starts survey


  • 2002.12.29: And how many deaths will it take to be known...?11
  • 2002.12.29: Factory blast in Samaipur Badli kills 9, injures 13
  • 2003.12.21: Illegality of the move:Letter to MoUD/DDA12
  • 2002.12.21: DDA approves regularisation of units in residential areas
  • 2002.12.19: Delhi BJP threatens agitation against closure of units
  • 2002.12.12: Delhi government okays loans, says it is up to units now
  • 2002.12.05: Impending industrial unrest?13
  • 2002.12.05: News reports about court deadline for relocation


  • 2002.11.01: View misuse w.r.t Plan provisions for +2000 Ha: Letter to MoUD/DDA14
  • 2002.10.31: Court quashes scheme to regularise misuse of industrial plots


  • 2002.10.31: Court quashes scheme to regularise misuse of industrial plots
Posted by Gita Dewan Verma: 2003-02-11, last modified July 10, 2006 
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