The ENGAGE section of DMP-2021 hopes to create a Comfort Zone for citizens of Delhi (owners of Delhi Master Plan) and its young urban professionals (professional custodians of DMP-2021) to gear-up with Campaigns and Activities to effectively engage on Plan revision for 90-days of Public Notice as well as to forge alliances to engage on Plan implementation up to 2021.

Comfort Zone Campaigns Activities

Those engaging on Plan issues as citizens / professionals are welcome to link to this Minder. Citizens’ groups are welcome to join MPISG1 - Master Plan Implementation Support Group. Young professionals are welcome to join YPRI - Young Professionals' Resource Initiative. Others are welcome to be Friends of MPISG / Advisers to YPRI.

This space is also for campaigns and activities that are consistent with the purpose and premise of this Minder, especially the entitlements’ perspective of the Plan, already having demonstrable concurrence of at least some citizens or professionals, and already having involved individual or collective efforts to engage through available mechanisms. This space is not for discourse or debate on activities and campaigns meeting the above criteria. Counter-campaigns matching the same criteria, however, are welcome.


for Public Notice


after the DDA scam


the obfuscation

| Realtor-Master Plan guidelines poised to substitute lawful Plan revision | Cooperative Bill passed without Public Notice | 'pro-poor civil society': NGO-run night shelters | 'pro-environment civil society': Safdarjang Airport | Right Housing Rights | Parliamentary Committee Public Notice | J-zone green belt / ridge-river-triangle breach | 'pro-poor civil society': another hawker policy | Leasehold to freehold Idgah Public Notice | Yamuna encroachment removal / Metro development |



realtor-friendly Master Plan 'guidelines'poised to substitute lawful Plan revision




for Public Notice


after the DDAscam


the obfuscation

Delhi Master Plan 2021 Minder is central to this campaign. A series of discussions on various aspects of the Plan and Public Notice process were also held between 19.04.03 and 23.06.03 among citizens' groups and young professionals to start gearing-up for participation in DMP 20212. Follow-up is outlined in DMP-2021 activities No to Vote Bank Politics, Idgah (Abattoir) Public Notice, etc. Follow-up information for posting on or linking to this Minder is requested.

From professionals3serious view of corruption at positions of serious responsibility and from media4 caution against opportunistic drift were sought. Citizens' came together in a celebration of the Constitution5 to place the scam in perspective and call for cleansing and strengthening6 DDA. In responses to the Standing Parliamentary Committee Public Notice inviting public views on working of DDA, all MPISG groups have drawn attention to implications of DDA corruption for citizens' Plan entitlements.

Tracking obfuscations and posting clarifications in public domain, asking governments to place Plan provisions in courts in ill-informed PIL, objecting to marginalising of professions, questioning planning contrary to an entitlements’ perspective of development, etc, are continuing efforts. Positioning due process of law for changing the law as ultimate entitlement is a continuing effort, made through engaging on democratic processes - notably Public Notice - and disengaging from exclusionary seminars, bhagidari, etc



Realtor-friendly guidelines poised to substitute lawful Plan revision7

On 28.07.2003 Master Plan guidelines - substantively similar to reccomendations made at the start of Plan revision in 1999 - for radical changes to the Plan were announced at a press conference by Union Urban Development Minister and Lieutenant Governor. these guidelines bear no relation to due process for Plan revision and skirt accountability about Plan implementation to, in effect, condone and promote profiteering on public land, regardless of judicial and Parliamentary processes underway as well as the recent DDA scam and symptoms of financial sickness in it. It is not clear by what lawful authority they were announced or by what lawful procedure they were put up for public comment. They do provide, however, opportunity to ask about lawful Plan revision and to gear-up for the 90-day Public Notice. >> Challenges to guidelines are solicited.

Cooperative Bill passed without admittedly necessary prior Public Notice8

On 28.07.2003Delhi Cooperative Societies' Bill was tabled, despite admitted violation of Delhi Development Act by lapse on Public Notice and in disregard of citizens' requests. >> FOLLOW UP: | Open Letter to the President9 | Letter to President from Narela | Letter to President from Rangpuri Pahari >> Status of the Bill is not known; other Bills in conflict with DD Act are imminent...

Master Plan and 'pro-poor civil society': NGO-run night shelters10

On 25.07.2003 at an NGO arranged IHC consultation Plan modification to allow NGO-run night shelters in schools, community halls, under flyovers, etc, with option of commercial use, was demanded. Comments about illegality and unjustifiability and suggestions for time-share in police stations, etc, were rejected. >> Developments and engagements continue...

Master Plan and 'pro-environment civil society': Safdarjang Airport11

On 21.07.2003, IHC members having a consultation to save Safdarjang Airport from redevelopment demanded greater participation in Plan revision, but were unprepared to accept that under the Plan the site was meant for a District Park and existing Flying Club and exclusive greens were as illegal as rumored redevelopment >> Developments and engagements continue...

Right Housing Rights12

Following Election Commission's directive in June of no evictions till election, a few citizens' groups sought no evictions till implementation of housing entitlements and to say NO to vote-bank politics >> FOLLOW-UP: | Joint Statement13, included in memoranda to Standing Parliamentary Committee | Objection to free-flats / Mumbai Model | Demand for discussion on promised 'White Paper' | Letters to President | Progress on Arjun Camp cases14 >> Developments and engagements continue...

Standing Parliamentary Committee Public Notice for views about DDA15

Standing Parliamentary Committee invited public views on working of DDA. 22.06.2003 >> FOLLOW-UP: response by all MPISG groups / friends... >> SUBVERTED!! MoUD announces Master Plan guidelines on 28.07.03... >> FOLLOW-UP: Letters to Standing Parliamentary Committee about guidelines frustrating Parliamentary process >> Developments and engagements continue...

J-zone/green belt/ridge-river-triangle breach at Sultangarhi16

In disregard of Master Plan, Court orders for inquiry and 1700 responses to Public Notice, Sultangarhi scheme was approved on 20.06.2003 >> FOLLOW-UP: | Objection to approval, incorporated in memoranda to Standing Parliamentary Committee | Objection17 | Objection w.r.t proposals for Safdarjang area >> Developments and engagements continue...

Master Plan and 'pro-poor civil society': another hawker policy18

On 31.05.2003 in the IIC series a presentation was made about redundancy of NGO driven policy discourse and progress in High Court on implementation of Plan provisions for solving hawking problems. Just before that it was learned MCD was approaching Supreme Court for a new hawker policy in line with NGO proposals >> Developments and engagements continue...

Conversion from leasehold to freehold19

Idgah (Abattoir) Public Notice20

In May 2003 MoUD brought out Public Notice for land use change in walled city to extensive industry with leave to set up slaughter house. About 70 responses were filed, in disregard of which MCD announced plans to invite bids for Abattoir modernisation in Wall Street Journal >> FOLLOW UP: Letter to MoUD21 >> Developments and engagements continue...

Yamuna encroachment removal / Metro development22

In March 2003 the Court directed clearance of Yamuna encroachments in two months. Expectedly, the gaze turned to Yamuna Pushta. But there are also other riverbed encroachments, including Metro Depot. A suggestion for an action plan was made to both governments >>FOLLOW UP: | A few Pushta slums wrote >> Developments and engagements continue...

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Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / January 2003 - August 2003 / Based largely on engagements of Master Plan Implementation Support Group23

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