MPISG Engagements

In early 2001 hawkers in Vasant Kunj began efforts for Master Plan space (see chronicle up to February 20021 and annexure-2 in NCMP-DMP Note of June 20042). These progressed well till de-railed by NGO policy initiatives (see paper of May 20023).

Residents of urban villages, with spill-over down-market uses stressing their settlements and water bodies, were also seeking planned development (and filed in 2003 a comprehensive PIL4). The Federation of RWAs of flat residents was doing likewise in face of water and traffic problems and supported the hawkers (eg, letter of 31/05/20015). Slum citizens were opposing misuse of lowincome housing sites and stock, including for local enterprises excluded from planned commercial sites.

When the Manushi-PMO hawker policy was announced, all wrote separately and as Master Plan Implementation Support Group letters to PM6 about statutory Plan solutions. In reply to PMO reference about these, on 19/10/2001 DDA wrote to PMO to assure implementation7. The flat residents' Federation initiated bhagidari with the hawkers' forum for interim implementation of the detailed proposals hawkers had submitted to DDA on which action was assured in June 2001 and informed authorities about the initiative8 and, afterwards, its success9, notably at a problematic T-junction on the main road from where hawkers voluntarily dismantled their stalls and shifted to the adjoining vacant commercial centre site (with Plan provision for hawkers).

Authorities, however, summarily demolished the initiative and issued licenses to other shops on the roadside. In September 2002 MPISG efforts led to High Court order for stoppage and inquiry of the illegal Sultangarhi project, and while over 1700 families were responding in support of the Plan to the Public Notice inviting objections to that scheme, a tender for unrestricted disposal of commercial space in violation of the Plan was issued, leading to joint MPISG PIL of October 2002 and continuing engagements in its context.

  • MPISG PIL10 (29/10/2002)
  • Response to s.11A Public Notice for relaxing mixed land use restrictions11 (15/12/2002)
  • Memoranda in response to Standing Committee Public Notice re DDA (June 2003)
  • NCMP-DMP12 engagements (June-October 2004)
  • CVC reference (10/09/2004)
  • Hawkers' response to s.11A Public Notice for commercial IT Park on riverbed (14/10/2004)
  • MPISG response to s.11A Public Notice for commercial use in Mahipalpur Hauz13 (06/12/2004)
  • Follow up representation to Standing Committee14 (09/01/2005)
  • Intervention15 in RWA writ against MCD-Manushi model-market (11/03/2005) > submissions16 (17/05/2005)
  • Memorandum in response to Standing Committee public notice re SJSRY17 (22/05/2005)
  • Expression of interest in response to MCD Public Notice for vending committees18 (04/06/2005)
  • Public Notice response on DMP2021 chapter on trade and commerce (04/07/2005)
  • Rejoinder to affidavit of DDA VC in MPISG PIL (22/07/2005)

29/10/2002: MPISG PIL19 filed

31/10/2002: First Listing:
Order: (CWP) Petitioners in this petition are challenging the action of the resp-DDA for having issued tender notice which according to the petitioners permits unrestricted use of the space/shops in contravention of the land policy objective as well as the principles of equal access to all sections of the community to public space and public property. Issue notice to respondents to show cause as to why rule nisi be not issued returnable on 20.1.2003... (CM) Petitioners have prayed for an order of restraint against the respondent No.1 from taking any further steps pursuant to the notice dated 12.10.2002 and from finalizing any offers that may have been received by it in response to the said notice. Having regard to the fact that shops are already constructed and the petitioners have approached at this belated stage we are in this case, not inclined to put any restraint on the resp no.1 so far as the impugned notices are concerned. We have issued show-cause notices in the main petition only to see that in case the petitioners would succeed any direction for future guidance may be issued. CM stands dismissed.

20/01/2003: Second Listing: Petitioners sought time to reply to DDA counter-affidavit received only on 18/01/2003 (MoUD had not filed reply)

26/01/2003: Third listing: Respondents now argued that the petition had become infructuous since the shops had been auctioned

19/05/2003: Fourth listing: Matter did not reach

22/08/2003: Fifth listing:
: Matters are delayed because the Union of India has no time to file the reply. In many cases, we have found that Union of India is not filing the reply and generally asking for time only. This matter is on board since 2002. The Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, shall explain as to why reply is not filed in the matter

29/10/2003: Sixth listing:
: List on 10th December, 2003 (Applications to implead MCD and about DDA's failure to implement assurances on affidavit were also filed)

10/12/2003: Seventh listing:
: On behalf of UOI it is stated that UOI is not desirous of filing any reply. To be listed on 17.12.2003

17/12/2003: Eighth listing:
: Master plan gives general idea, zonal development plan will give some more details about use of the land and lay out plan will give all details, therefore, the petitioner has to point out from all these three documents as to how the breach is committed by the DDA. List on 10th March, 2004.

10/03/2004: Ninth listing: DDA counsel sought time to seek instructions on the additional affidavit filed by MPISG

20/05/2004: Tenth Listing: Matter did not reach

  • NCMP-DMP engagements20, based on NCMP-DMP Note of 22/06/2004 (after NGOs' called for their / NDA hawker policy in name of UPA NCMP at a meeting on 16/06/2004 and most hawker groups brought to it decided to pursue instead the MPISG demand for abandoning it)

11/08/2004: Eleventh listing:
Respondents ordered to file counter-affidavits
on supplementary affidavit (which includes in an annexure Manushi's account of how Supreme Court approval was obtained for its ideas by MCD21

  • 06/09/2004: NGOs' letter to hawkers saying they had now come to know of law about hawkers, etc
  • 07/09/2004: Letter to MoUD and DDA for directions against MCD plans to privatise regulation of weekly markets, etc
  • 10/09/2004: CVC reference (confidential / most immediate letter to GNCTD for action plan in context of DMP and national policy, with copy to PMO and DDA CVO and complainant)
  • 20/09/2004: Constitution of National Commission on informal sector as per NCMP (with Manushi, SEWA, etc, on its advisory board)
  • 02/10/2004: Confidential letter to Police Commissioner (with CVC permission) to draw attention to the CVC reference

13/10/2004: Twelfth listing: No counter-affidavits filed; matter did not reach; listed by court-master for 05/01/2005

  • 14/10/2004: Hawkers' response to s.11A Public Notice for commercial IT Park on riverbed
  • 16/10/2004: Letter to point out how Manushi-MCD ideas are cognisable offence under DDA Act and not valid under MCD Act
  • NCMP-DMP minder22 (commerce) suspended
  • 25/10/2004: GNCTD forwarding of CVC reference to local bodies for ATR/comments to the "representationist under intimation to this department"
  • 08/11/2004: News report of MCD Standing Committee approval of hawker policy in line with national policy
  • 09/11/2004: news reports of Rambabu Sharma taking charge as DPCC president
  • 06/12/2004: Response23 to s.11A Public Notice for commercial use in historic Mahipalpur Hauz
  • 07/12/2004: suggestion to GNCTD for action plan as per CVC intervention24
  • 08/12/2004: Demand for disposal of IT Park Public Notice25
  • 18/12/2004: Police Complaint against illegal MCD-NGO Night Shelter in Pushta (with reference also to commonality of NGO in night-shelter and hawker policy interferences, reiterated after demolition of religious structures in and MCD-NGO move to shift kabadi-market to Pushta)26
  • 09/12/2004: Demand for action against MCD for deliberate violation of s.21 of Delhi Development Act in its approval for auctioning weekly markets27
  • 28/12/2004: News report about petitioners' MP (also member of DDA Advisory Council, MoUD Consultative Committee and Parliamentary Standing Committee for urban development) demanding provisions for hawkers in DMP-2021, etc28 > Letter to LG29
  • 05/01/2004: Parliamentary Standing Committee's inspection visit to Vasant Kunj > representation and follow-up letter to MP30

06/01/2005: Thirteenth listing: Order: "Learned counsel appearing for the petitioners makes a request for a pass over on the ground that counsel for the petitioners is arguing a case in the Supreme Court. That is not a ground for a pass over of this matter which is at Item No.1. The counsel, who is present, is unable to argue the matter. Hence, the matter is dismissed in default for non prosecution" (Since no counter-affidavits had been filed on direction of 11/08/2004 and earlier occasions item no.1 had not reached and since the advocate on record and arguing counsel, appearing in this matter pro-bono, had other matters and had not quite anticipated that the Respondents (through their senior counsel) would desire to argue points settled by notice of October 2002, etc, an associate had appeared and only after pointing out the order of 11/08/2004 as well as reading from the additional affidavit on which it was given, asked for a pass over. Later he and advocate-on-record and arguing counsel all mentioned the matter for permission to file a restoration application, which was granted)

12/01/2005: Fourteenth listing: (No one appeared for MoUD; DDA counsel resisted restoration application)
Order: (in Application) "For the reasons stated in the application, the writ petition is restored to its original number subject to payment of Rs.5,000/- to be deposited with Delhi Legal Services Authority. Application stands disposed of"; (in the main petition) "Reply, if any, be filed by DDA within a period of four weeks. List on 20.04.2005".

  • 13/01/2005: News report about draft DMP-2021 approved on 10/01/2005 having legitimised the illegalities challenged in MPISG PIL
  • 14/01/2005: Invitation to launch by Planning Commission Deputy Chairman of Manushi's Kishwar's book and discussion by a panel including another on the National Commission for informal sector31 > account32
  • 17/01/2005: Letter to CVC33
  • 18/01/2005: Letter to GNCTD to protest forwarding on 14/01/2004 of confidential letter of 07/12/2004 protesting identical forwardings34
  • 18/01/2005: Response from MP assuring support
  • 21/01/2005: Letters to DDA Commissioner (Planning), Planning Commission, etc35
  • 30/01/2005: demolition of old shops in Naraina village to clear bottleneck on Ring Road
  • 31/01/2005: Letter to ask for basis of allotment of community centre site near Masudpur for Sun-City Mall and assurance of demolition of Mall rather than Masudpur in event of any need for bottleneck-clearing36
  • 31/01/2005: news reports about HC order for chemist shops
  • 01/02/2005: Letter from Mahipalpur in context of WP 8523/2003
  • 04/02/2005: news reports (environmentalist) NGO "protest" against Vasant Kunj malls > clarification post and letter in context of WP 6980/2002 and WP 8523/2003
  • 05/02/2005: news reports of SC order in parking matter
  • 08/02/2005: Masudpur request / complaint to DCP (SW) for investigation u/s.34A of allotment to Sun-City Mall, etc
  • 12/02/2005: Letter to Commissioner Planning (cc as before and NCRPB, HUDCO, MoUD(PA), SPA wrt policy-discourse) in context of text of order of 12/01/2005 and wrt official quote about Malls in press37
  • 16/02/2005: news report about eviction of Lajpat Nagar hawkers
  • 24/02/2005: demolitions in Walled city
  • 26-27/02/2005: NASVI Agenda - The Law and Street Vending, IIC, Delhi
  • 06/03/2005: NDMC area hawkers meeting for DMP solutions
  • 07/03/2005: news report of court case by RWA against MCD-Manushi pilot project
  • 11/03/2005: SC stays HC ban on chemists in residential areas
  • 11/03/2005: Stealing your space (commercial misuse in GK)
  • 11/03/2005: Farmhouses doubling as marriage halls under MCD scanner
  • 11/03/2005: another report on Manushi-MCD model-market38
  • 11/03/2005: Application39 for Intervention in case against MCD-Manushi market moved

17/03/2005: Intervention: First listing: Application could not be taken up as counsel for parties were in Pakistan > post40

  • 17/03/2005: Remove illegal extensions, Sarojini Ngr shopkeepers told
  • 17/03/2005: In Green Park, cops count but MCD forgets
  • 17/03/2005: MCD eases restrictions on farmhouses
  • 19/03/2005: Mixed Landuse: SC to look up cases in April
  • 19/03/2005: Ration shops to get a facelift
  • 21/03/2005: Breathe easy Chandni Chowk
  • 24/03/2005: Shop till you drop, but don't eat out
  • 25/03/2005: They flitted from food to food in Walled City, by design (DoPe event)
  • 28/03/2005: A night bazaar, finally
  • 29/03/2005: Commercial outlets in residential areas to be fined
  • 30/03/2005: No permanent pandals in community halls, MCD told
  • 30/03/2005: Designer village fails to draw in visitors
  • 30/03/2005: New night bazaar woos shopaholics in capital
  • 02/04/2005: commercial IT park on riverbed inaugurated
  • 04/04/2005: More haats to be developed on patterns of Dilli Haat
  • 04/04/2005: ToI: 10 new tourist sites to come up
  • 06/04/2005: Mushrooming malls fuel traffic rush

06/04/2005: Intervention: Second listing: adjourned on request of respondents

  • 09/04/2005: Kissan Haat: Where are the farmers?41
  • 09/04/2004: Councillor-SHO hawker market of 2002 demolished after allotment of abutting plot to Mall > Letter to DDA VC
  • 11/04/2005: A vista from Nehru Place
  • 11/04/2005: Guest houses to be graded as per amenities
  • 13/04/2005: MCD announces heads of ward committees
  • 13/04/2005: Notice issued in case against IT Park42 / metro property development
  • 15/04/2005: DDA go-ahead for craft bazaar at Vasant Kunj (malls)
  • 15/04/2005: Oct opening for Noida craft mart
  • 16/04/2005: Shops gutted near Kalkaji Temple
  • 16/04/2005: Mall at CR Park: Residents point to Masterplan
  • 20/04/2005: Parking woes: CP traders knock on SPA doors
  • 20/04/2005: ENL: Tired of malls, shoppers prefer to move on

20/04/2005: Fifteenth listing:
: "Despite several adjournments in the matter, respondent DDA has chosen not to file reply. On last occasion DDA was specifically informed that reply if any, to be filed, must be filed within a period of four weeks. That order was passed on 12th January, 2005 and till today reply is not filed. Therefore, the DDA is directed to deposit a sum of Rs.10,000/- by way of costs which shall be recovered by the DDA from erring officer who has taken no trouble to file reply in the matter. The amount be deposited with the Delhi Legal Service Authority within two weeks. Learned counsel for the DDA again requests for the time to file reply. We grant four weeks time as prayed for by the respondent. If the reply is not filed within time, the Vice Chairman, DDA shall remain personally present in Court. It is further directed that reply be filed under the signature of the Vice Chairman. List on 27th July, 2005." > Request for public debate with DMP2021 sub-group on Trade & Commerce43

  • 20/04/2005: MCD bulldozers hit Chandni Chowk
  • 21/04/2005: Rambabu Sharma shows strength on MCD floor
  • 22/04/2005: HC orders hawkers off Qutub Minar (rejecting contentions about policy, saying policy does not allow hawking contrary to statutory provisions)44
  • 26/04/2005: CVC noose tightens on NGOs
  • 27/04/2005: Order to reply in Mahipalpur case

28/04/2005: Intervention: Third listing: adjourned for paucity of time

  • 02/05/2005: Now, more GK-I sites under HC scanner
  • 03/05/2005: MCD brings down shutters on car showroom in S Delhi house
  • 04/05/2005: Tourism's first 24X7 cafe at Bhikaji Cama
  • 04/05/2005: To clear malls, HUDA waits for funds
  • 05/05/2005: Regularisation of shops demanded
  • 06/05/2005: PIB releases about one year of UPA Govt, listing constitution of informal sector commission as major acievement45
  • 06/05/2005: ToI: Illegal business as usual in GK, Saket
  • 09/05/05: MCD wades into urban village maze, plans to frame bylaws for 25

09/05/2005: Intervention: Fourth listing: Petitioner's submissions heard > account46

  • 10/05/2005: Metro: Surfacing soon at CP
  • 10/05/2005: KFC opens shop in Delhi
  • 12/05/2005: ENL: MCD to change farmhouse rules, RWAs see red
  • 12/05/2005: Building rules may be relaxed (in urban villages)

12/05/2005: Intervention: Fifth listing: Respondents' submissions heard

  • 13/05/2005: DDA for allowing commercial activities at petrol pumps47
  • 14/05/2005: DDA drive razes 120 shops in Lajpat Ngr
  • 17/05/2005: Naraina left in the lurch

17/05/2005: Intervention: Sixth listing: Intervener submissions heard48

  • 21/05/2005: Junk market near Red Fort: PWD, MCD lock horns
  • 22/05/2005: Memorandum49 in response to Standing Committee public notice inviting views on SJSRY
  • 22/05/2005: MCD Public Notice for vending committees > Request to confirm legality and propriety50
  • 23/05/2005: Multiplex closure plan leaves malls in turmoil

25/05/2005: Intervention: Seventh listing: Arguments over. Order reserved

  • 27/05/2005: Gurgaon malls inspire municipal areas too
  • 28/05/2005: Centre gives civic agency prime markets, but asks for 3 buildings
  • 28/05/2005: Trafalgar Square to host Dilli Haat expo

31/05/2005: Sixteenth listing: For respondent's application for condonation of delay and exemption of Vice Chairman from personal appearance, etc, having filed Reply Affidavit dated 27/05/2005.

  • 01/06/2005: MCD removes encroachments in Walled City
  • 01/06/2005 MCD decongests roads, evicts squatters at Old Delhi rly station
  • 01/06/2005: DMRC penalised for punctuality (title of news report on IT Park case)51
  • 04/06/2005: Pioneer: 5.92 lakh employed in unorganised sector in Delhi
  • 04/05/2005: Expression of interest in response52 to MCD Public Notice for vending committees
  • 05/06/2005: MCD licensed kabaadi bazaar at Pushta (on site cleared by it in name of court on 19/03/04) > police complaint (wrt vending committee public notice and in continuation of police complaints against MCD-NGO night shelter on Pushta)
  • 04/06/2005: 5.92 lakh employed in unorganised sector in Delhi
  • 07/06/2005: 6 lakh hawkers face evacuation for 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • 07/06/2005: National Policy for Street Vendors adopted in Delhi also (by NDMC after MCD)
  • 10/06/2005: Soon, a market for women over Aruna Asaf Ali car park53 (MCD-SEWA project with MPLADS funds, identical to MCD-Manushi project)
  • Letter of 10/06/200554 wrt vending committee public notice
  • 10/06/2005: CP Metro to open by June-end
  • 10/06/2005: 211 NDMC kiosks to get makeover soon
  • 11/06/2005: Dilli Haat to pitch tent in London
  • 13/06/2005: Scrap MPLADS, says NAC
  • 14/06/2005: Company bags 3 MCD parking contracts
  • 16/06/2005: Dislocation of traders issue raised (metro)
  • 25/06/2005: Sunset for Sunday book bazaar > post55
  • 04/07/2005: DMP2021 Public Notice response on chapter on trade and commerce
  • 11/07/2005: Trying to earn living (red-light begging/hawking depicted as street hawker)
  • 11/07/2005: Police permission for NGO dharna against MCD > letter wrt vending committee public notice56
  • 12/07/2005: Retailing: "India tops list of 30 attractive countries"
  • 13/07/2005: Govt wants more choices in CP decongestion plan
  • 13/07/2005: Parking will cost more, Delhi to tell SC
  • 13/07/2005: Fleet Street to get parking lot, food plaza
  • 15/07/2005: Study suggests 49 p.c. FDI in retail trading
  • 24/07/2005: Janpath to get a multi-storeyed makeover
  • 25/07/2005: CP redevelopment plan yet to begin
  • 26/07/2005: L-G instructs MCD, police to remove encroachments
  • 27/07/2005: PIB release about SJSRY funds57

27/07/2005: Seventeenth listing: Adjourned on request of respondent > post58

  • 02/08/2005: ToI Leader Article on hawkers by Madhu Kishwar
  • 09/08/2005: NAC proposal for unorganised sector workers cess
  • 11/08/2005: Urban Indian shopper's spending goes up, says ACNielsen study
  • 26/08/2005: No hawkers at Chandni Chowk, says apex court
  • 26/08/2005: Rohini to get 7 new malls, fate of existing 5 uncertain
  • 29/08/2005: Shopowners told to vacate (metro)
  • 30/08/2005: Court seeks status report on misuse of residential premises
  • 31/08/2005: Capital market for the poor59
  • 01/09/2005: BJP wants FDI in retail debated
  • 07/09/2005: 88 shop-owners' removal stayed (metro)
  • 09/09/2005: PM'S remarks at the interactive session with state governments on revival of co-operative credit structure60
  • 09/09/2005: Chandni Chowk to stay closed to hawkers: SC
  • 09/09/2005 Saket plots fetch record bids for DDA
  • 10/09/2005: news report on High Court ruling against hawkers in Green Park market
  • 11/09/2005: PWD gears up to meet Saket surge
  • 11/09/2005: Rajouri Garden Metro comes with entertainment package
  • 12/09/2005: Centre Plans To Place All City Markets Under MCD or NDMC
  • 14/09/2005: 216 structures demolished at Jama Masjid
  • 14/09/2005: Finally, Ansal Plaza subway on its way to completion
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