1. Policy Dialogue

The presentation covers the major issues in finding a universal solution for the Hawking Hawkers. Based on the solutions provided through the previous statutory master plan of 1990, it seems that the Scale, therefor Net significance, as well as Hawker's problems alone haven't be justly addressed in the 2001 Policy Dialogue. While the Governance failures seem to be the major reason for unresolving Hawker's position, Policy Dialogue brings a list of demands that have already been adequately met in the 1990 Plan. This has caused a confusion and risen new questions. "What is most worrying is that emergent styles of participatory planning seem to have reduced 'development dialogue' to a cacophony... with no room for voices of real people."


The solution to Hawkers' problems in Vasant Kunj seems to be reachable, yet the situation on the field casts light upon the major obstacles on the way of reaching the final resolution in the merchants' story. Over 750 hawkers could have been provided for in Vasant Kunj that was designed for 100000 people, with facilities as per 1990 plan, but the uphill struggle ends in a downhill slide as the authorities remain silent.

The question is, where do these two tales position us in the big picture?