Although many in the field of Indian photography are aware of the photographs John Edward Saché produced in India, little has been written about his career. Almost nothing was known about this practitioner, whose biographical details were confused with various firms – Saché & Westfield, Saché & Murray, Saché & Lawrie and Saché & Co. – and with various other names – J. Saché and A. Saché – appearing on photographs or in trade directories. Saché followed the steps of the well-known English photographer Samuel Bourne, who had set up a paradigm for composing landscape and architectural views, in which the picturesque vocabulary dominated. A master of the Picturesque, Saché excelled in this style, offering astonishing views that have often been attributed to Bourne. This essay will present the photographic career of Saché and compare the work of both practitioners in order to delineate the extents to which Saché reproduced Bourne's formula.