Green Park Crematorium Extention, New Delhi, India

In New Delhi, 24-year-old Sanchit Arora, of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, has proposed a new approach to traditionally gloomy crematoriums. Following in-depth research, that included his own grieving process, Arora found that the city's public crematorium facilities are often poorly managed, run-down and located in dilapidated industrial areas. ... As cremation is a key part of a Hindu funeral, Arora set out to design a systematic yet approachable space that aims to soothe the living while they mourn the dead.

"What we saw through the process of my grandmother's death is that, in the end, it's not about the body. It's about the people who are coming to mourn," says Arora.
"When people die of old age in India, it is supposed to be a celebration. But there is a disconnect between the space and the celebration." 
With exposed concrete, warm woods, and lush greenery all around, Arora's design creates a minimalistic, zen vibe. There are quiet nooks and peaceful water features -- all connected to a spacious park.