Yin Yemin, Zheng Chu-Ling (ArchSeeing Studio) / China (尹烨敏,郑楚玲(见筑社) / 中国) The urban village is the backdrop for the daily activity of many people living far from their hometowns, together with some locals. From so much compressed activity, man's animal nature emerges, taking many forms. Sometimes harmonizing and sometimes conflicting, our divergent natures form unusual situations. To present this struggle in the form of a picture book and exhibition, we have used the idea of a single building to carry the stories of the occupants' daily lives. By combining the stories of many residents, eight animal protagonists emerged, reflecting different themes,and exposing different aspects of the social issues in the village.The exhibition format follows the two ideas of "building" and "zoo" throughout the whole space. By bringing the bustle of the urban village into the exhibit, letting people share warm feelings, we hope to inspire thoughts of a better world.