Diagram 11 – existing land use in Pocket G

This is bounded by Tughlak Road, Aurangzeb Road, Southend Road and Prithviraj Road. Aurangzeb Lane divides this pocket into 2 parts, one on its east which has only privately leased plots, and the other on its west which has a mix of government bungalows and private plots. The breakdown of existing land use is as follows:-

Area east of Aurangzeb Lane

99750 sq.m.

Number of privately leased plots


Area under private plots

87500 sq.m.

Common services area

7500 sq.m

Area west of Aurangzeb Lane

210500 sq.m.

Number of bungalows

1) government


2) private


Area under bungalows

1) government

107700 sq.m. (51.2%)

2) private

66275 sq.m. (31.5%)

Area under institutional use


Area for common services

16500 sq.m. (7.8%)