Chandigarh: Portrait of a City by Manuel Bougot

The effect of Doshi’s reevaluations, although the initial impulse for Bougot’s project, began to fade with time. “At first I had wanted to photograph only interiors of homes,” he said. “But I found that in the end if you see the interiors of houses in Delhi, and those in Chandigarh, they’re not all that different.” Many of the homes designed by architects like Doshi, it turned out, have been swallowed up and transformed by the daily lives of Chandigarh’s inhabitants.

But some grand plans, Bougot felt, deserved such a fate. Speaking of his own hometown, he expressed relief that Corbusier’s master plan for Paris had evaporated—“it would have destroyed everything that we think of as beautiful in Paris”, he said. “But it just so happens that I bought a house recently and just next to it, just in front of my window, is a house designed by Le Corbusier.”