• At the Patna Sheraton's Rafal Lounge and the Coffee Bar Chef Edwards created a 400 kilogramme, 18-foot diameter grilled chicken and cheeseburger which was photographed for the newspapers12
  • In Gaya District, as the drought entered its fourth month, RAskik Sinha and his sister Neena, went without food for a full 100 days, setting a new Guinness Record and beating Ela Pathak who held it earlier.
  • 1. For a light calorie conscious recipe of Anthrax Flambe, first buy a 10-kilo economy pack of fresh RDX or weapons grade Plutonium  from an approved government Ration shop, making sure it has the ISI mark and at least 10-months shelf life. Sift 4 kilos in a copper pan with two litres of Heavy Water, and leave it in a crowded nursery school courtyard to dry. Mix 2 kilos of Radio Isotopes in a garlic flavoured Sulphuric acid base and fry lightly in a mixture of onions. After cooling in a concrete cooling tower in Northern Iran, place mixture in a food processor, turn knob to 'Frappe' and slowly add nails, camphor balls and Anthrax. After the mixture settles, empty contents in a 400 gauge reinforced steel box, adding a touch of Bourdeaux. Makes enough for upto 80 to 100 people. Serve in crowded bus or railway station, during rush hour.
  • 2. 20% discount on Five-Course Dinner at La Boheme, Dharavi's first exclusive French Resturant and Patisserie, specializing in Provincial cuisine. Located behind Community Toilet no. 43, behind Dalit Only Hand Pump. For reservations call 2316-9155.