Fig. 1 Sampling distribution and mitogenomic timetree of the hyaenidae family.

(A) Map showing the geographic origins of our spotted and cave hyena samples. The color of the dot represents the age of the sample. (B) Dated Bayesian phylogenetic tree constructed using complete mitochondrial genomes and a strict molecular clock. Haplogroups are those previously defined in Rohland et al. (9). Red-colored labels show Pleistocene cave hyena and blue-colored labels show modern spotted hyena. The yellow star represents a putative mitochondrial introgression event of unknown direction. The Hyaena/Parahyaena node was fixed for fossil calibration (as indicated by the bone image), and Proteles was set as the outgroup. All major nodes had posterior probability values of 1 (fig. S1). Dark blue node bars show the 95% credibility interval of the divergence dating.