"Malibu Towne", W.C. City

1. German Palace is the largest single mall in the world  With its own road and transport system, Police force, Parliament and membership in the Security council. 

2. 40,000 air-conditioned stores with piped music, 16,000 Fast Food outlets and 7000 Fusion restaurants, 73,000 Amusement Parks with 1100 Artifical Lakes, 13,900 ATM Machines, 42,000 State & Central Banks, 3 World Banks, 2 International Monetary Funds, 12,300 Underground Parking Lots with AC Fully Carpeted, 1 Ice-Cream vendor, 68,000 Plastic Palm Trees with Day-Glo coconuts and 11,000 synthetic monkeys, 39,000 Megawatts of air-conditioning and 23,000 square miles of Astroturf. 3600 Spas with attached multi-cuisine universities and Disco Libraries, wall to wall flooring with 3100 Helipads and 1800 Musical Fountains of Orange Drink and Vodka.

3. What! No Hotels? No Temples?

4. 3000 Brothels with 1200 underage Nepalese girls from Bihar border with 75 Paanchewing Madams, 1200 AIDS tst centres, 4000 Bonded Labourers and 12,000 Bureaucrats, 1500 Hot water Bottles.

5. 18 million litres Raw Sewage, 38,000 Mosquitoes and 4 million waterborne diseases

You must understand the day to day appearance of people and places don't reflect the true condition of Indian society. We are an old culture, you see...