Surface and Memorial Hall plans, National Martyrs Memorial, Bangalore

A ceremonial path of commemoration begins at a series of plaques with the physical marking of 21,763 martyr's names, moves past a 60' high majestic flagpole beside the august 'veeragallu' (a symbolic stone that marks the heroic death of a warrior in battle).

The path then slopes gradually into the ground, as the motivation hall was designed to disappear into the ground, with an intent to retain an important green space within the city.

The path finally leads to a motivation hall that houses information about the selfless and brave missions undertaken by our martyrs. Being one of the first projects of this nature undertaken by the Karnataka government, it aims at recognizing not only the servicemen of the state but of the entire country.

The structure below ground meanders between the roots of the trees to preserve a large part of the vegetation. Of the 324 trees at site, only 4 eucalyptus trees were removed to accommodate the structure while 40 trees were newly planted