The Plan of the complex after the modifications of early seventies, when the entrance areas were modified and the new entrance hall was built expanding its size and also levelling the entire area for larger gatherings. The new Hall in the entrance area is also assembled using fragments of the older pillars which must have been salvaged fromn the earlier structure of the entrance area which was dismantled to make room for the larger hall in the entrance. The pillars of the new Hall on south side are all assembled out of the older half pillars which must have existed forming the kakshasana of the older mandapa. There is one pillar in the mandapa which still has an original inscription, which is the fragment of an older pillar from the original structure. The north-eastern periphery is also enlarged and restructured with additional land added in that side and the Devakulika , which was repositioned and connected with the east side of the new mandapa. In the main Mahavira temple the original trika is merged into a larger new mandapa attached to the main temple. During this renovations the roof of the Mukhamaṇḍapa attached to the main shrine was also repaired as the catuksi pillars had shown structural decay. These pillars were replaced partially ( as explained through photographs) and the roof of the mandapa repaired along with the new mandapa roof. Also note the addition of a new entrance porch on the main entrance to the street. This porch is jutting out of the periphery on road.