Enlarged plan of the remodelled Mahavira Temple after the renovations proposed by the sompura under Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi, Ahmadabad in early seventies. Note the addition of the new enlarged mandapa merging the original trika in front of the Mukhamaṇḍapa. The level of the floor of the new mandapa retained the original entrance steps of the trika, which were part of the original trika. Parts of the older structure are used in the pillars of the new mandapa and it is confirming the old practice of reusing the older parts in newer additions. Threse parts are visible in the photographs of the mandapa and are also shown in the details of the pillars. In comparing the external profile of the Mukhamaṇḍapa on the western side (north-west and south-west corners) one observes the difference in its plinth moulding and superstructure as it is not exactly symmetrical along the projected kakshasana. This type of variations in details may not have been a matter of great concern to the master builders and to some extent it might also subscribe to the inner content of the niches in the Mukhamaṇḍapa corners where different imagery constiututed the details of the niche, which might have been expresssed deliberately on the outside. ( I thank Dr. Michel Meister for his discussion with me on site on this issue of our observation during our joint visit to Mahavira Temple on 30th December, 1996)