Victims for Rape and Molestation for proper execution of rape, the Riot Instruction Manual refers to Section 2.1A in which the Rapist, the perpetrator of the first part, and the Rapee, the victim of the act. It is essential to point out that with reference to Sub Para 19C Clause 3A, the rapists, if in case of gang rape must separate the men from the women. Section 10D allows for a more efficient method of dealing with specific age and gender groups. Furthermore, two conditions must be fulfilled before the rape can begin. One, that both Rapee and Rapist are present at the scene. In case one is missing the rape will go badly. Two, that the Rapee and Rapist are of opposite sex, for the procedure to proceed smoothly. 

Recipe: Grab girl forcefully, and violently wrestle her to the floor, or against a table top - all the while tearing at her garment. Rapist may use all forms of verbal abuse to retain the desired mood of degradation, and the power trip necessary to maintain who is in control. After the rape is successfully concluded, stir victim lightly and serve with cucumber dip.



  1. Nos. Girl/Woman
  2. Nos. Heavy-set men