A Story of Cubes, by Teja Gavankar

Madhyavarti, the central empty space of Jawahar Kala Kendra is one of the most impactful spaces in the building. Its scale and calmness makes one pause. It is an empty, bounded space overlooking the sky with a grid of stone tiles cladded along its walled enclosure. The project teases the orderly chequered space by subtly folding its planes that cast new shadows as they appear to warp the neat geometry of the court.


Teja Gavankar received a Bachelors in Visual Art from Bandra School of Art and Master’s in Visual Arts in Painting from the School of Fine Arts in Baroda. She also holds a certificate in Indian Aesthetics from University of Mumbai. Gavankar lives and works in Mumbai and is mainly interested in drawings to make space. Teja’s interest is in subverting mundane spaces by adding a new perception to existing materials or situations. She has received ‘Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation’ support for International (India- Quebec) Residency at ‘The Darling Foundry’, Montreal, Canada, Sep-Nov2014. She has been a part of Khoj peers share’ program at ‘Khoj international artist association’, Delhi. She was awarded the ‘Nasreen Mohamedi’ award in MVA Display, M.S.U. Baroda, India.2014. She has been part of several group shows including the ‘Young Subcontinents’ in ‘Serendipity Art Festival’ in Goa in Dec 2016. She has recently shown her work at the ‘Optica center for contemporary art’ in Montreal.