Garden of Desire, by M/S Prabhakar B. Bhagwat

Is Astika a saint or is it about a believer? Does Shesha hold the cosmos and keep afloat the Gods? Does the genesis of creation lie in that which is disposed and destroyed? Is spacemaking an intuitive act of refuge embellished by the cosmic? Is the protector of the soul greater than the one who creates it? Buried in this ground here were the refugees of many acts; now resurrected.


Team: Vinay Kushwah, Shalini Prakash, Himanshu Taneja

For over four decades now, the firm leads in the country with a distinguished portfolio of projects in landscape design, environmental planning, master planning and architecture. Prof. Bhagwat established the first landscape programme at Kharagpur in the 1950s. He also led for a short period the programme at Delhi in the 1970s and then established the programme at Ahmedabad in the 1980s. He is the founder of the professional body of landscape architects in India (ISOLA). The firm continues this tradition by investing significant energy in research, academics and outreach programmes that include publications, lectures and exhibitions. It is anchored on the principles of uncompromising ethics, intense design processes, pursuit of knowledge, and commitment to outstanding realization of the design work undertaken. With offices in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, the firm has commissions of varying scales and typologies across the country.