Crematorium at Coimbatore, by MANCINI

Bearing in mind the richness and diversity of rituals and beliefs, the design is meant to provide a calm environment for each family to perform their rituals. The building is a humble and spacious setting using simple natural materials in well-crafted details to provide not only durability but also a serene and dignified atmosphere inspired by the traditional open ground, river bank and pavilion setting. Two Large pavilions provide space for the last rites to be performed, often in attendance of a large number of mourners. The ritual pavilions in a river bed like garden setting provide space for the rituals on the day subsequent to the cremation. Families reach this garden through a smaller portal, collect the ashes at a counter in the administrative building and then proceed to the smaller pavilions for rituals. The project is an effort to dignify public purpose places that are otherwise put together through a default mode of building.


Team: Niels Schoenfelder, Bharath Ram K., J. Thamizharima

Based in Chennai, Mancini enterprises was founded in 2004. It offers comprehensive design services in the fields of urban planning, architecture, interiors, landscape, furniture and lighting design. The firm has completed several prestigious projects across the country and abroad.