Making Ground Opening Skies, by Mathew & Ghosh

The project is about the unbuilt and connecting spaces. These spaces have no name. Though these are useless in efficiency, they are the places that people remember, use and enjoy. Considered as voids these are fascinating places in the sun and the moon that connect the ground to the sky and put humans in alignment with the two and in engagement with each other.


Team: Soumitro Ghosh, Nisha Mathew Ghosh

Based in Bengaluru, Mathew and Ghosh is an architectural firm jointly headed by Nisha Mathew and Soumitro Ghosh. Both of them graduated from CEPT, Ahmedabad. The duo believes that the built and unbuilt structure must reveal relationships between human and nature and between human and human. Through their work they strive to introspect and build critical architecture that is rooted in its physio-social context. Their portfolio includes projects across residential, commercial, industrial and public spaces. Over the years, the firm has participated in several exhibitions and been awarded with multiple recognitions for their work including the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award 2007, World Architecture Community Award 2013, A+D & CERA Architecture Award, Nominations for Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation Award Moscow 2012, Borromini International Award for Young Architects, Rome, 2001 etc. The firm’s work has been also published extensively in national and international architecture magazines.