ALGOrithmic Design Quest for Architecture, Cities and General Design

QUEST: Deep thought and path-breaking methods.

Assignment: Creative work to enable solutions to problems, or astonishing forms, or contributions to society and human culture.

Compensation: Recognition and prize money as appropriate.1

This competition is a call for methods and forms that inspire hope and dreams  through new technology, creative logic, and aesthetic intuition.

Its purpose is to encourage the development of new design methods for better architecture  and better cities (and, broadly, better design in general), and to recognize groups and  individuals who have taken up this challenge. By introducing outstanding achievements to a wider public, we hope to encourage  the further development of new methods in this field.

To that end, this international competition will recognize computer programs that make  outstanding contributions to algorithmic design, and outstanding works of architecture  created by means of such programs.

We look forward to innovative entries that meet and surpass our expectations.

  • 1. The above invitation was inspired by the newspaper advertisement placed by Ernest Shackleton,  polar explorer, calling for participants in his historic expedition to the South Pole. We hope it will be answered by individuals with the courage to venture into the unknown  and the ability to open up new paths.