Mandir Vibrant Gujarat National Education Summit 2014

A Technical Session (sic) to "explore and debate the various paadigms of architectural education that can equip architects to create a progressive and humane habitat". Panelists include Council of Architecture officials, CEPT Faculty and fellow travellers to discuss "Future of Architectural Education and key deleberations" (sic) on the first day, and on the second, a "Roadmap to the Future".

In the past few days many amendments to acts and regulations pertaining  to architectural education and profession have been proposed. Kindly  spare some time to read and discuss the same.

Architectural Education regulations are currently under the purview of  the CoA. AICTE had challenged this in the past. In the case of  Universities, the Supreme Court has clearly stated that the AICTE has no  powers to regulate Technical Education and it has also stated that  Universities come under the UGC. Till date there have been many cases  between CoA and AICTE where the court has ruled primarily in favor of  the Council. I am personally unaware of cases between the UGC and the CoA.  

In this context, recent Supreme Court rulings drastically reducing the  powers of AICTE vis-a-vis Universities and Colleges become critical. UGC  has -proposed regulations for technical and professional education and  is inviting suggestions and feedback for the same. Please have a look at  the UGC draft regulation and Pushkar kanvindes response to it. I am  attaching Pushkars response because he has highlighted the relevant  sections of the regulations. This regulation will potentially pit the  CoA against the UGC in the future.  

CoA is also proposing amendments to the Act and I have already sent a  mail to you regarding this last week. I am reattaching the draft CoA  regulation with this mail.  

On the other hand, RIBA is also proposing/has proposed amendments to the  regulations governing education and registration of an Architect. They  are doing away with RIBA part I, II, and III and are suggesting 5 years  of architectural studies or 4 years + 2 years of practice leading  directly to an architectural education.  

I would like to reiterate here that representatives from RIBA (most  probably), CoA, and IIA will be attending the seminar on the future of  architectural education on the 10th and 11th of January 2014 details here.

I think we should use this opportunity to present and discuss our views onthe  matter. I would like to use this opportunity to also invite you to the seminar!


vishwanath kashikar
assistant professor  
undergraduate programme coordinator
Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University
p: +917926302470