NEW DELHI: Delhi Urban Art Commission on Monday made a presentation to the urban development ministry on a bunch of city-level proposals to improve urban lifestyle and aesthetics. The proposals are based on studies on issues undertaken by the commission over the last six months. These are likely to be studied by local agencies for feasibility.

The issues identified by the commission include site-specific design for wards involving 25 studies, rehabilitation of unauthorized colonies where 20 studies were undertaken, bettering the 'vision' or look of the city, high-rise development along Metro corridors, rejuvenation of Delhi's gardens, promoting unified building bylaws, designing four prototypes for high-tech public toilets.


The studies have been funded by special grants. "The intention was not to step on the turf of other authorities but to direct planners to do studies on a three-dimensional basis which were hitherto being done two-dimensionally so that these may be adopted not only in Delhi but elsewhere," said an official.