Developments around heritage sites and areas of special local character are often the subjects of controversy. Should the city look to the future or to the past?

Hosted by INTBAU Poland Chapter and Cracow University of Technology, the conference will focus on the key achievements of the last century, considering urban developments, renovations, restorations, adaptations and reconstructions, including a selection of modernist projects, post-war reconstruction, social-realism, and also the current challenges of globalisation with which we are now faced.

Proposals are invited from academics and practitioners for conference sessions and posters.

  1. LOCAL PRECEDENT - The conference will explore what has been successful in recent decades, and what has not. This should expand our knowledge about the role of tradition in shaping the contemporary image of the city and help influence the future of urbanism.
  2. UNDERSTANDING LOCALITY - and the 'DNA' of a place with all its layers of diverse local history.
  3. COMMUNITY WISDOM - through local community engagement.
  4. LOCAL TECHNOLOGIES - The incorporation of innovative technologies in conjunction with the continuation of the best traditions.