Set design for the sixth India Art Fair

They have been at it for days now. Work for Moulshri Joshi and Suditya Sinha, founding partners at SpaceMatters, an architectural firm, starts early in the morning and continues through the night, sometimes leading them and their team member, architect and industrial designer Inato Sema, into the silence of the morning. It is then that their magnum opus, 3D rendering,  resembling a lego series, put up at the entrance of the sixth India Art Fair, majestically comes alive.

Conceptualised by Moulshri, an assistant professor at the School of Planning and Architecture, and SpaceMatters, the piece has been put to work by Sema and commissioned by the organisers of the fair. It’s sustainable feature is noteworthy, as the packaging boxes used will be returned to their source, so they can be put to another use, making it a net-zero installation.

“As it provides a backdrop to one of the most intensive engagements with art in the city, it bring to the forefront, the need for culturally active public spaces, where aam and art meet,” says Sinha and Sema. Adding to that, Moulshri says, ‘‘It uses more than 2,000 shipment boxes in a form that is resonant of a city skyline. Commonplace items have been used to create space for the artworks, alluding to the everyday inspirations that are the building blocks of art in its different manifestations.” On view at the NSIC  Exhibition Grounds.