Call for lectures and visual contributions for the conference

Immanuel Kant formulates in his Critique of Judgment  what he considers  to be the vivid principle of the soul. This principle was tightly  connected to art and for him art was a matter of representation,  which incites to a deep thinking. Natural standards of art were  conceived by him as being genius art. The connection to nature, natural  process of art making were at stake in Kant's point of view and marked  the way art was thought throughout the last centuries. With the  emergence of avant-garde artistic movements, Kant's conception started  to be criticized, and a hiatus between art and aesthetics opened since.

With the advent of new technologies, art started to be deeply connected  with new media, which became the raw material for art practices. This  media turn, now widely accepted is being currently enlarged with  critical approaches.

Photography is a paradigmatic example of this new materiality. It has  been regarded as the inscription of an image obtained not by human  hand, but by the agency of light per se. Today with the apparition of  coded digital images, photography, such as film, expands. Analog  photography is replaced by a virtual picture. Its perception has  changed and the theoretical approach to it is also transforming.   The main goal of this conference is to think about new links between  art - in a wider sense - and mass communication technologies,  approaching these intersections as a base that incites to a deep  thinking -if it is aesthetic, political, social, cultural, etc.


  • The influence of Media on Art
  • Art Markets in Digital Environments 
  • Aesthetic and Theory of Art
  • Cultural Industries
  • Creative Methodologies in Art
  • Science, Technology and Arts
  • Art and Communication
  • Sound Arts
  • Art and Politics
  • Analog Photography
  • Photography and Immateriality 
  • Photography and new apparatus
  • Photography and Sacred 
  • The Photography Expanded 
  • Contemporary Art and Photography

Please submit an 500 words and  abstract (1 pg.) to  ecreapreconart [at], zarzarii [at]