The Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
Vikas Sadan, (INA)
New Delhi Date : 07-July-2005


Sub : My Objection / Suggestion to Master Plan 2021 (draft)

Kind Attn : Principal Commissioner cum Secretary

Dear Sir,

Please find attached my Objections/ Suggestions for draft Master Plan 2021 of Delhi.

I am filing (rendering and/or making available) my objections and suggestions in the form of electronic record(s) as per Information technology Act 2000. My filing is in form of a CD (compact disc).

As per provision of Information Technology Act 2000 you are requested to keep my filed electronic records accessible to me and others on your website and/or computer resources immediately.

I have provided my detailed objections to Chapters 7 and 15 of the proposed MPD-2021.

I specifically object to all the other chapters in draft MPD-2021 and I say that they may be deleted or substantially amended.

Furthermore, I object that DDA has no authority to put Master Plan Draft for Public Notice, when the latest National Capital Regional Plan has not been notified. It is relevant that Master Plan and/or sub-regional Plans are contingent upon NCR Regional Plan.

Yours sincerely

(SarbaJit Roy)