16.1 LAND USE PLAN-2021
The Land Use Plan-2021 has been prepared based on
i) The policies enunciated for different urban activities,
ii) Requirement of additional social and physical infrastructure,
iii) Transportation and work centres,
iv) Restructuring of land uses along the MRTS corridors based on the studies and considering the inter relationship between the urban activities, environment and the image of the city
v) Already approved Zonal Development Plans and land use modifications.

In order to control the development, the areas have been designated as one of the 27 use zones identified in the Development Code. These use zones have been classified broadly in ten categories of land uses namely Residential, Commercial, Industry, Recreational, Regional Park / Ridge, Transportation, Utility, Government, Public and Semi Public Facilities and Agriculture and Water Body. The development in these use zones would be carried out in accordance with the regulations as given in the Development Code and respective chapters.

The NCTD has been divided in 15 Zones (Divisions). The Zonal Plans of seven zones have been approved and notified whereas the Zonal Plans for the zones ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘M’ and ‘P’ (Narela) are at various stages of approval.
The boundaries of the zones ‘O’, ‘P’ and ‘N’ as given in the MPD-2001 have been modified and accordingly the areas have been computed approximately as given in the table 16.1

Table 16.1:
Zone Zone Name of Zone Area (Ha.)
A Old City 1159
B City Extn. (Karol Bagh) 2304
C Civil Line 3959
D New Delhi 6855
E Trans Yamuna 8797
F South Delhi-I 11958
G West Delhi-I 11865
H North West Delhi-I 5677
J South Delhi-II 15178
K-I West Delhi-II 5782
K-II Dwarka 6408
L West Delhi-III 22840
M North West Delhi-II 5073
N North West Delhi-III 13975
*O River Yamuna / River Front 8070
P-I Narela 9866
P-II North Delhi 8534

* Zone may be redefined in consultation with the concerned agencies.

The zonal plans shall detail out the policies of the Master Plan and act as link between the Layout Plan and Master Plan. The development schemes and layout plans indicating various use premises shall conform to the Master Plan / Zonal Plans. The Zonal Plans of the areas shall be prepared under Section 8 and processed under Section 10 and simultaneously the modifications of land uses shall be processed under Section 11(A) of the
Delhi Development Act 1957. Already approved Sub Zonal (earlier Zonal) Plans in conformity with the Master Plan shall continue for the areas where the Zonal Plans have not been approved. The Zonal Plan in the form of
Structure Plan should be formulated within one year of the finalisation of the MPD-2021.

In absence of a Zonal Plan of any area, the development shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan.

The Walled City and its Extensions, Karol Bagh and the area in between with contiguous specific use has been designated as Special Area for the purpose of development since it is not possible to develop the old built up area in accordance with the general use zone regulations given in the Development Code. The development within this area shall be carried out as per the norms and regulations as given in the relevant chapter.