Session at AAANZ Conference 2019: Ngā Tūtaki – Encounter/s: Agency, Embodiment, Exchange, Ecologies

This session explores the symposium theme of ecology through the lens of listening and place. Taking in the world through the act of listening has the potential to be transformative, for self and other. This can occur between people, species, cultures and/or with oneself. Listening occurs somewhere. Grounding listening in place invites engagement entangled in the multiplicities of ecology and place. This session invites researchers to submit paper proposals which explores relational listening practices. Some lineages of practices might draw on indigenous practices of deep listening, acoustic ecology in the lineage of Murray Schafer and/or multispecies practices undertaken by Anna Tsing. It asks consideration of the questions:

  • In what ways can listening enable encounters between?
  • What is the agency of listening in place?
  • Is there a politics of listening?

Contributions from spatial practitioners, performers, designers, ethnographers, acoustic ecologists and activists are invited to present or perform explorations of listening in, with or through place.

  • Session convenor: Fiona Harrisson (RMIT University, Melbourne)
  • Submit paper proposals to: [email protected]