Session at AAANZ Conference 2019: Ngā Tūtaki – Encounter/s: Agency, Embodiment, Exchange, Ecologies

This session explores embodiment through the mode of collaborative drawing.  Drawing is a deeply embodied act, and it implies an intimate connection between media and medium, as well as the space within which the drawing takes place. It is also an act that opens onto collaborative exchange. Many creative fields have explored this embodied relationship as part of a creative practice, and as a mode of collaborative reception and exchange. 

This session welcomes explorations of collaborative drawing practices, inviting participants to investigate relationships in drawing between multiple agents. Notions of empathy, embodied cognition, space, intuition, mirroring, emotion and memory may all tie in to these modes of operating, as well as scholarship of collaborative practices from recent history. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches to both research and artistic production across a range of creative fields. The session seeks to tease out examples of communal or reciprocal drawing practices that have the potential to connect bodies in both space and time. Disciplines engaged with drawing—from visual art, architecture, landscape, fashion and design—are all invited to consider embodiment and collaboration in relationship to what they do, and with an emphasis on the multiplicity of bodies in space and the spaces that facilitate these collaborations.