Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico is pleased to announce the online publication of the current issue of "Metaphysical Art - The de Chirico Journals" (n. 11/13)

Founded in 2001, Metaphysical Art enters its second decade with a triple issue regarding historical, theoretical and technical aspects of the Great Metaphysician's art. Among the noteworthy contributions found in the current issue are: Mannequins and Vaticinators by Ester Coen and Giorgio de Chirico, Apollinaire and Metaphysical Portraiture by Willard Bohn.

The first-ever English translation of de Chirico's essay Desecrated Reality of 1945 is published in correlation to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer, as examined by Riccardo Dottori. A brief passage the artist dedicated to Rubens in the 1960s is also included, as well as three interviews from the 1970s that bear witness to the painter’s Neometaphysical period (1968-1976).

The serious issue of forgery is dealt with in the feature The Constants of History, which includes the publication of a recent judgement of the Milan Court of Appeal.

In line with the Foundation’s objective of furthering knowledge on Giorgio de Chirico's artwork, the biennial publication includes primary source documentation pertaining to the artist's life and œuvre.

Table of Contents:

  • Paolo Picozza: In Defence of Historical Truth in Safeguarding Giorgio de Chirico's Intellectual and Artistic Identity: Research Objectives of "Metaphysical Art" in the Journal's Second Decade of Publication
  • Claudio Strinati: Through Metaphysical Art
  • Ester Coen: Mannequins and Vaticinators
  • Riccardo Dottori: On Philosophy and Painting: Giorgio de Chirico and "Desecrated Reality"
  • Willard Bohn:Giorgio de Chirico, Apollinaire and Metaphysical Portraiture
  • Lorenzo Canova: Metaphysical, Spectral and Post-Human: De Chirico's Shadow on Art’s Visionary Path from Surrealism to Contemporary Science Fiction in Literature, Cinema and Videogames
  • Nikolaos Velissiotis: The Origins of Adelaide Mabili and her Marriage to Giorgio de Chirico: Restoration of the Historical Truth
  • Paolo Picozza: Evaristo de Chirico
  • Katherine Robinson: Florentine Period 1910-1911: Biographical Chronology and Documentation
  • Victoria Noel-Johnson: Chirico's Formation in Florence (1910-1911): The Discovery of the B.N.C.F. Library Registers
  • Elisabetta Cristallini: De Chirico's Disregarded E42 Invitation: Published and Unpublished Documents
  • Simona Rinaldi: At the Origins of Giorgio de Chirico's Painting Formulas
  • Salvatore Vacanti: De Chirico's Contribution to the Rediscovery of the Ancient Encaustic Technique in the Early 20th Century
  • Stefano Ridolfi, Ars Mensurae Rome: Imaging Analysis as Support for the Work of Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico
  • Paolo Picozza: Giorgio de Chirico's Neometaphysical Paintings: The Foundation's Response to Gerd Roos's Article "When did Giorgio de Chirico Retire?"
  • Appendix - The Seventies: How a Work of Art is Born and De Chirico '77
  • Written works by and interviews withe de Chirico
  • Desecrated Reality, 1945
  • Peter Paul Rubens, 1960s
  • "L’Europeo" asks de Chirico for the Whole Truth, 1970
  • Entretien avec de Chirico – Archives du XXe Siècle, 1971 (original French)
  • Interview with de Chirico – Archives du XXe Siècle, 1971
  • Yesterday and today
  • Uncle Albert's Drawings
  • Two Postcards from Jean Cocteau to Giorgio de Chirico, 1936-1938
  • Unpublished Eulogy for Jean Cocteau by Giorgio de Chirico
  • The constants of history:
  • Old and Recent Falsification of Giorgio de Chirico's Artwork. Paolo Baldacci: a Case Study
  • Judgement of the Court of Appeal of Milan, Fourth Criminal Section n. 3539 of 20.05/19.07.2013
  • Exhibition critique
  • Romano Maria Levante: De Chirico and Nature, or Existence? The Exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 2010
  • Luca Lo Pinto: D'après Giorgio, Giorgio de Chirico House-museum, 2012-2013
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