With just 20% of higher education institutions and programmes on engineering, management, pharmacy and architecture in India accredited, the ministry of human resource development is moving to bring in multiple agencies for giving a boost to the accreditation process. 

The ministry also proposed to invest Rs 1,012 crore by 2024 for these accreditation reforms and make the process mandatory for all institutions. For those institutions that do consistently well, incentives such as financial assistance, enhancement of programmes and autonomy, and participation in international rankings is also being proposed. 


The ‘Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme: Five Year Vision Plan 2019-24’, accessed by TOI, also stated that “Institutions that fail to either come up to the minimum qualifier levels (benchmarks for AC2) within a given time-frame, or failing to achieve accreditation at an appropriate level, should be viewed by the concerned regulatory agencies with very serious concern, and some of their programmes may be suitably toned down (for a specified period) or even closed, if deemed fit.”