Pranlal Patel transcends the otherwise humanist phenomenon of time and age. His art, archived in a life time of more than a hundred years, travels beyond the advents of technology and convenience. To contain his experience in a limited reel of any length is nearly impossible. This film attempts only to highlight a few instances from the exciting journey he embarked on with photography. The aim is to trigger a dialogue of, about, with him and his everything.

This film is a result of an interactive research done over a year and a half. The film was first screened on the 12th of January, 2013 at Ahmedabad, in the presence of Pranlal Patel himself.

એનું સેર્વેસ્વ (Enu Sarvasva) - His Everything | A documentary film on Pranlal Patel


  • Producer: Ketan Modi for Manav Pratishthan, Ahmedabad
  • Writer-Director: Kanchi Pandya
  • Cinematographers: Niraj Patel & Sonam Gandhi
  • Editor: Sachin Dave
  • Directors of Audiography: Manit Mehta & Pranav Mehta
  • Music Director: Kedar Upadhyay
  • Online Editor: Rihaan Patel
  • Production Manager and PR: Ishani Hemant

Speakers: Shree Pranlal Patel  & Shree B.V. Doshi,  Shree Dhiru Parikh,  Shree Haku Shah, Shree HH Mandhatasinh Jadeja, Shree Vraj Mistry, and Shree Urvish Kothari