The developer Redrow has deleted its latest aspirational video of a suave city boy looking down from his luxury penthouse after a web backlash.

Redrow London Luxury Development Promo

It was meant to trumpet an aspirational lifestyle and showcase the very pinnacle of luxury living in one of London’s most exclusive new residential towers, where penthouses are currently on the market for over £4m. But property developer Redrow’s latest promotional video has been pulled just days after it was launched online, having been subject to an online battery of ridicule and claims that it epitomises the dystopian nightmare of London’s iniquitous property market.

“They say nothing comes easy,” purrs the smooth narrator, over footage of his trials and tribulations as a City hotshot, failing to broker deals and schmooze the ladies, waking up in a cold sweat and being continually jostled on the tube. The world is always against him, as he trudges the daily grind in a perennially out-of-focus nighttime, with blurred city lights and pensive stares straight from a 1980s aftershave commercial. “The missed opportunities,” he moans. “The doubts. The need to be different; to define yourself; to be more than individual. To stay true to what you believe.”