PANAJI: With the world frantically building cities today, the challenge lies not in building more livable cities, Sanjit Rodrigues, commissioner of the corporation of the city of Panaji and managing director, Goa state infrastructure development corporation (GSIDC) said yesterday while addressing the Charles Correa Foundation 'Z-Axis' conference at Kala Academy.

Introducing the city to some world renowned architects and many architecture students present, he said Panjim, in the Indian context wasn't considered a small city, but a tiny one. "We want to make the best of it and convert our tiny size into our asset."

Trying to decongest the city without using flyovers and traffic signals was a huge and time consuming effort he admitted. "We've long forgotten our waterways. We wish to reintroduce water based transport into our lives. It is an easier, friendlier and cheaper means of transport," Rodrigues said.


Proclaiming the city as a bin free city, Rodrigues said 1, 500 bins in the city were taken away. He advised the outstation delegates to put their trash in their bags and take it back to their hotel. "Garbage is collected from every single household and hotel in the city. It's a commitment of a city to its citizens," he said proudly.