Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering at the UNESCO programme in Paris during his 3-day official visit to France. And Bollywood Actor Mallika Sherawat also reached Paris after she received a special invitation1 by UNESCO to attend the Prime Minister's UNESCO address.

PM Modi today met the UNESCO's Director General Bokova and addressed the diplomatic community, private sector representatives and UNESCO's Paris-based goodwill ambassadors.

Sherawat, who was present during the occasion, said that she found PM Modi's speech very inspiring and that she would like to meet him.

"The people here showed a lot of love and its a very special moment for me that I have been invited here to attend our Prime Ministers address at UNESCO. The speech was very inspiring and this is the first time I am seeing him face to face, so I am very happy for that," said Mallika.

  • 1. "The reason why Mallika got invited for the occasion is not clear or whether she herself volunteered to attend the event. Perhaps her stint at the international stage with films like Myth and Politics of Love along with a Bruno Mars music video and numerous international awards could have been the reason perhaps. Nevertheless, it is good to have some known Indian faces at such international awards" (Sic!)  ref: Bollywood Helpline