Jean Nouvel loses legal battle to force changes to £280 million Philharmonie de Paris concert hall over claims it had been "martyred" after court says he failed to provide the right documents. Mr Nouvel boycotted the January openingof thePhilharmonie de Paris, an ultra-modern building in the French capital's eastern Parc de La Vilette, accusing project managers of cutting corners to save money during its completion.

He claimed that the inauguration of the building was "premature" and claimed a breach of his moral rights. The result, he said, displayed "contempt for architecture, for the profession and for the architect of the most important French cultural program of the new century". 

He petitioned to have his name and image removed from all references to the work. However, a Paris court on Thursday ruled that the architect, whose famous works in Paris include the Musee du Quai Branly and the Fondation Cartier, had not provided enough proof that his original designs had been flouted.