(Urbanization): Session at the European Association for Urban History Conference: Cities in Motion 2020

Cambridge University Press will publish a three-volume Cambridge Urban History of Europe. The round-table session provides an opportunity for a core group of the designated community of readers and users to share their ideas with the editors.

In 2023-24, Cambridge University Press will be publishing a three-volume Cambridge Urban History of Europe. This should be a showcase of the achievement of fifty years of research on European urban history. In 1974, after some preparatory events and publications, the Urban History Yearbook (now the quarterly journal Urban History) was launched, marking the establishment of urban history as an academic field within the broader historical discipline.

Each volume in the Cambridge Urban History of Europe will cover a major upsurge in levels of urbanization: Greek and Roman Antiquity, Middle Ages and Early Modern, Modern Europe from 1850 to the present. The series will aim for comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of urban history, but also include exciting new approaches to and developments in the field. In this round-table session the editors will present their views to the audience, seeking input and ideas from the designated community of readers and users. The round-table will include experts for the time periods covered by all three volumes, but will also leave time for comments and suggestions by the audience.

  • Spokesperson: Maarten Prak, Utrecht University
  • Co-organizer(s): Dorothee Brantz, TU Berlin | Penelope Davies, University of Texas
  • Keywords: Urban history | Survey | Europe
  • Time period: All periods
  • Topic(s): Architecture and urbanism | Social Study area: Europe