Architects have opposed the plan of the Local Bodies Department to cap the fee charged by them for drawing up building plans.

A body of the Punjab Architects, Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Punjab chapter, has countered the argument given by Local Bodies Department in this regard.


“Architects’ fees is governed by the guidelines of Council of Architecture, which was established under Architects Act, 1972. The state government has no jurisdiction to put a cap on architects’ fees. It is against the law. We will take it to higher level till we get justice,” said Goyal.

In reply to a Minister’s statement that architects were demanding huge fee for approving online plans, Goyal added, “Corruption in the Local Bodies Department has increased after the introduction of online approvals. No qualified architect indulges in malpractices. It is the result of the department allowing unqualified designers, who are not supposed to design buildings.”

“There are many faults in the online approval system. Online scrutiny is supposed to be time bound, which is not. They should focus on their drawbacks rather targeting architects,” said another architect.