The Charles Correa Foundation (CCF) expressed its displeasure over not being taken into confidence over the issue of the demolishing of Kala Academy’s open-air auditorium.
“We have not been consulted about the state of the Kala Academy, nor has our opinion been asked regarding repairs,” the CCF stated.

Director CCF Nondita Correa Mehrotra, and trustee of the foundation Arminio Ribeiro, had met the minister of art and culture Govind Gaude in early 2018 on another matter wherein the issue of leakage in the building was also discussed.

“We were asked to return the following week when Chirag Jain, who was involved in extensive renovation of the building in 2004, would be in Panaji. However, the following week, the meeting was cancelled by the minister’s office, and no further notification was ever given,” Mehrotra told TOI.