Artist Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar plants skyscrapers in the country’s ancient cities and villages in a surreal and spectacular new project.

From the royal palaces of Persepolis to the glorious mosques of Isfahan, Iran’s ancient architecture has given the world some of its most spectacular structures. Today, however, we reserve our awe to stratospheric skyscrapers as countries compete for the tallest building. In his project Retrofuturism, Iranian artist Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar wishes to combine the best of two worlds by introducing skyscrapers into historical Iranian villages and cities.

Chimey-like towers in Arg-e-Bam
Chimey-like towers in Arg-e-Bam © Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar

“[Retrofuturism‘s] concept is about discovering the potential of traditional Iranian architecture and its association with modern style,” Forouzanfar said. “It examines whether choosing a horizontal architecture was a good thing or not.” But when asked if he thinks his renderings would ever be realized in reality, the artist answered with “absolutely not!”