Investment in construction technology start-ups is down in 2019 relative to 2018

Construction tech startups broke funding records in 2018, the sector proving ripe for disruption as VCs suddenly paid attention. But midway into 2019, we’re wondering whether the surge in funding last year represented a potential peak for the sector.

Funding in US-based construction tech startups totals just $196.5 million across 44 deals halfway through 2019. Of course, there are caveats: reported data often undercounts seed and early stage rounds. Furthermore, it takes just a couple of big rounds (like Katerra’s $865 million Series D last year) to skew those numbers pretty significantly. Still, $192.6 million across 44 deals is still significantly lower than the $1.274 billion raised by US-based construction startups in the first half of 2018.