JCOA - the bi-annual nationally refereed journal of Council of Architecture

JCOA strives to establish its research publication quality so as to earn very high impact factor for its contents, thereby earning goodwill and faith worldwide in architecture research domain. Each issue of the journal shall have a specific research aim and the objectives shall be interlinked with the overarching aim.

Each issue of JCOA shall include:

  • Documentation work by faculty/students of colleges of architecture
  • Review of new books on architecture- maximum 2 books per issue
  • Research papers on specific subject of the issue


  • ISSUE 3:  Sustainable Development
  • Issue 4: Heritage and Conservation

Send your research papers/documentation work/book review to director.niasa[at]gmail.com and niasapune1[at]gmail.com

Registered architects are invited to send their research papers for review.

Details of Paper Submission:

  1. Title: The research paper/article shall have a clear title with subtitle if any.
  2. Author's name and affiliation: There shall be 30 words (2-3 lines) about the author along with his/her self photograph (image to be in jpeg file format to 300 dpi resolution).
  3. Abstract: Gist of the research in not more than 250 words.
  4. Key words: maximum 5
  5. Content of research (body): not more than 3500 words or 10 pages with headings and subheadings.
  6. Images and diagrams: Images accompanying research paper to be in jpeg file format to 300 dpi resolution. All diagrams in the research paper shall be in editable format. The images/diagrams shall be titled with sources or image courtesy specified or citation given.
  7. References/bibliography in the correct format and glossary if any shall be furnished along with research paper/article.
  8. Acknowledgements if any.
  9. Font styles and sizes: For the submission of papers/articles, participants can use the font styles and sizes as per their choice. The typography style and size will be modified at the time of design of journal.

Call for empanelment as referees:

We wish to empanel renowned educators and practicing architects as referees in the process of paper selection for the purpose of JCOA.

Colleges of Architecture and centers of Indian Institute of Architects are invited to communicate the names and details of renowned educators and practitioners from their region, stating their qualifications, experience, publications, area of expertise, COA registration number and contact details, for empanelment as referees. COA will appoint referees from this panel as necessary for various issues of JCOA and involve them in the process of review of the received research papers for the selection process.