Bimal Patel, an Ahmedabad-based architect made a presentation on Saturday last week to a gathering of architects, independent town planning experts and BMC chief Parveen Pardeshi, about a redevelopment model that could be implemented in the city to free up space over time.

According to sources, Pardeshi has sought feedback from BMC officials on the model and its feasibility in Mumbai.

Patel, who is the president of CEPT University and heads the planning and architecture firm HCP Design Consultants, said in an email reply to The Indian Express: “The presentation explained how the redevelopment of built-up areas of cities — in which small buildings are replaced by larger buildings — can be better managed. When small buildings are replaced by larger ones, the stress on infrastructure and the street network increases. Through proper planning, it is possible to ensure that along with the redevelopment of an area, the street network also improves. Proper planning can also help raise resources for the development of adequate infrastructure. The presentation used the example of such planning in Ahmedabad and suggested that it can be most fruitfully used in Mumbai.

Patel will make another presentation to BMC officials on July 29. Aside from Ahmedabad, Patel gave the example of other cities, such as Washington, US, where development gives more open space and road space.