All legal and natural persons, who meet the professional and other requirements defined under this competition regardless of their territorial affiliation, have the right to participate in the competition.

By submitting his/her proposal, each participant accepts the conditions of this competition.

Applicants may submit their questions regarding the competition by August 21st 2019 at the latest.

Questions and requests for additional information or clarifications are provided in writing only via link  (English:

If at least six (6) proposals meeting the requirements of the competition are received within the deadline, the following prizes will be awarded in the net amount:

  • FIST PRIZE: EUR 24.000,00 
  • SECOND PRIZE: EUR   8.500,00  
  • HONORABLE MENTION: EUR   1.800,00 

 In accordance with the complexity and variety of elements of a competition task, the Competition Jury reserves the right to reallocate the number and order of prizes within the total prize amount, depending on the number and quality of the proposals as well as the quality of the partial solutions. The total prize amount, according to the decision of the Competition Jury, may be proportionally reduced if the less than six (6) proposals are submitted. 

Other rules are defined by Public Procurement Documentation.

Contracting Authority will not bear applicant costs in the process of preparation of International open public competition for the conceptual design.