Situated in the heart of Timergara City in Lower Dir district, the British-era wooden made 'Baba Jee' mosque built in 1899, requires immediate attention of the Government for preservation of the historical building.

The mosque is a unique building in Dir Lower carrying 120 years history with eye-catching art work has started losing its original architecture and the residents urged Senior Minister for Tourism and Archeology Khyber Pakthunkhwa to allocate special funds for preservation and repair of this architectural master piece. 


Arshad Iqbal, a local journalist said the mosque has attracted a large number of tourists, art and architectural lovers from all provinces and overseas.

He urged KP Government especially Minister for Tourism KP to allocate special funds for repair of its pillars, doors, ceilings and other structures to restore its original architecture. 1


  • 1. The wood for the mosque was provided by Nawab of Dir Mohammad Sharif Khan, adding Mian Gul Muhayuddin had brought a famous artisan named Abdul Qadir from Peshawar who artistically performed carvings and engravings on the pillars, doors and windows.