Following are some of the spaces that are the concern of this conference, journal book series and online community. Each is distinctive. Each is a critical site in this transitionary moment. All are profoundly interconnected, in new as well as old ways.


What is happening in all these spaces, and especially in these the extraurban spaces, which may be a catalyst for new flows which define and redefine each space? Here are some material, convivial and representational aspects of change that examine in this conference, journal, book series and online knowledge community.

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes:

Theme 1: Urban and Extraurban Spaces

  • Urban modernity: its forms and dynamics
  • Property costs and the mortgage crisis
  • Edge-urban spaces and ‘sprawl’
  • De-urban spaces: processes and consequences of urban decay and ‘hollowing out’
  • Micro-urban spaces: the changing role and dynamics of small urban communities
  • Greenfield spaces and regional development
  • Off-the grid spaces and development in formerly remote places
  • Globalization and its local effects
  • Economic development dynamics: changing sites of production and employment
  • Local and global labor markets
  • Socio-economic inequalities: proximities and distances
  • Ethnic and racial separation, juxtaposition and integration

Theme 2: Human Environments and Ecosystemic Effects

  • Environmental effects: urban, edge-urban, de-urban, micro-urban, greenfield, off-the-grid.
  • Human and environmental sustainability
  • Place and identity
  • Neighborhood in practice and imagination
  • Green dynamics: old and new energy systems
  • Land as resource
  • Agricultural dynamics: old and new food systems
  • Water dynamics: old and new sources and modes of access
  • Waste dynamics: old and new garbage, sewerage and disposal/recycling dynamics

Theme 3: Material and Immaterial Flows

  • Transportation infrastructures and patterns
  • Local-global production flows
  • Grid-nodality versus distributed grid structures
  • Dispersed versus centralized governance
  • Demographic and other data: measuring spaces in relation to flows
  • The spatiality of the internet
  • Commuting and telecommuting
  • Migration and diaspora
  • Shopping centers and shopping online
  • Learning sites and learning online
  • Culture in person and culture online
  • Old communications and information media and new
  • Planning processes: the practices of (re)configuring spaces and flows
  • Research agendas for spaces and flows

2016 Special Focus: Planetary Urbanization in the Modern World

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